How Do I Find a Personal Injury Attorney in Philadelphia?

Find a Personal Injury Attorney

These days, the one-size-fits-all approach does not fly when it comes to finding the right personal injury attorney in Philadelphia. Keep in mind that like healthcare professionals, such as doctors, attorneys also have specializations. This can be frustrating if you are searching for an attorney to take on your auto accident case or slip and fall claim, and the only attorney you know is a corporate lawyer or divorce lawyer. 

You should also keep in mind that every branch of law comes with its own specific rules and can be very intricate or confusing when it comes to applying these rules. Moreover, with each decision that a jury or judge in Pennsylvania makes, the established laws can be slightly modified. Put simply, you need a Philadelphia personal injury attorney who has ample experience in the particular type of case you're dealing with to protect your rights and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. 

But how can you find a personal injury attorney in Philadelphia? Where do you even start looking? In a nutshell, you can find the Philadelphia personal injury attorney that best fits your needs through the following ways:

Asking Attorneys That You Know in Philadelphia

You probably know an attorney, either personally or when you worked with one before for some legal matter. Keep in mind that even if the attorney you know does not handle personal injury cases, they most likely know an attorney that does. 

Attorneys usually refer legal cases to one another, which means that most of them probably know someone who handles personal injury claims. If the lawyers you know do not know any personal injury attorneys, there’s a chance that they have heard about reputable personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia. 

Reaching Out to The Pennsylvania Bar Association

The Pennsylvania Bar Association (PBA) offers a lawyer referral service where you can find a qualified personal injury attorney in Philadelphia. You simply fill out an online form on the PBA website, indicate general details about your legal matter, and you’ll get matched with a lawyer immediately. 

Asking Your Family and Friends in Philadelphia 

Get in touch with family, friends, or colleagues who have worked with personal injury attorneys in the past. However, do not base your decision to hire an attorney solely on the recommendation and experience of someone else. Remember that different individuals will respond differently to an attorney’s personality and way of handling things. 

Don’t just hire an attorney with glowing reviews from a friend, even a family member, until you’ve actually met the attorney and gauged how you feel about working with them. 

Searching Online for a Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney

The Internet can be extremely challenging to navigate when it comes to scouring through numerous listings of Philadelphia personal injury attorneys. To make things easier for you, here are some guidelines: 

  • Check out the website of the attorneys you are considering hiring. Look at their credentials and reputation. The attorney’s website should also look professional and updated regularly with new and helpful content. Check out their results page, testimonials, and blog. Be on the lookout for personal injury cases that are similar to yours to find out how much compensation the lawyer successfully recovered for their client. 
  • Read online reviews on reputable lawyer directories and similar sites. One of the best ways to verify a Philadelphia personal injury attorney’s reputation is by reading about the experiences of their past clients.  
  • See if the lawyer is a member of any professional organization. Make sure to read about the organizations that the lawyer is affiliated with to better figure out the importance of the attorney’s affiliation with them.  

Once you have narrowed down the list of Philadelphia personal injury attorneys that suits your needs, make appointments to discuss your case with them. Reputable attorneys typically offer free initial consultations, which will give you the chance to learn more about your case and whether you’re confident to entrust your case to that particular attorney. Trust is immensely crucial, so talk to different lawyers about your case before making a decision.  

It’s also important to note that although most personal injury claims settle before reaching the trial stage, having a Philadelphia personal injury attorney with trial experience is vital, in case a settlement is impossible or taking your case to trial is the best strategy for your case. 

Get In Touch With Our Skilled Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorneys Now

If you have yet to find a Philadelphia personal injury attorney that you can really trust with your case, please get in touch with Mattiacci Law, LLC, to find out what we can do for your case. 

You can reach out to us anytime, and we work on a contingency basis, so we will only get paid when we recover financial compensation for your accident-connected losses. You can set up a free consultation with our Philadelphia personal injury attorney by contacting us online or calling 215-709-7915. 

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