Philadelphia Electrocution & Shock Injury Lawyer

Our Philadelphia electrocution accident lawyers have handled serious cases involving death and injury due to electric shock accidents.

Electrocutions and electric shocks can cause horrific injuries, including severe burns and death. Electrocution injuries can occur when underground electric lines are improperly marked and identified, when electric lines are not powered down prior to work, when equipment is faulty or damaged, or when safety procedures, such as lockout/tagout, are ignored or violated.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) compiled data that showed that electrocution was the fourth leading cause of death in construction in 2005, after falls to a lower level, transportation injuries, and being struck by objects and equipment.

The pneumonic device “BE SAFE” has been used to describe the types of electrical hazards workers are exposed to, which stands for:


Arc Flash/Arc Blast

Philadelphia electrocution lawyer John Mattiacci has represented clients in electrocution and electric shock cases. Our firm previously recovered $1.85 million dollars for the family of a worker who was electrocuted when he struck an underground electric line.

In another case, John represented a union electrician in Philadelphia that was shocked on an industrial job site while connecting wires. Employees of the site owner disregarded lockout/tagout signs and OSHA regulations and energized the wires on which the electrician was working. The union electrician was shocked by the current and suffered injuries.

John brought suit after another firm had rejected the case telling the electrician he did not have a strong case. John aggressively pursued the defendant, alleging its employees were negligent and reckless by violating national standards and regulations, including OSHA under CFR 29, Part 1910.147.

The case resolved during trial in Philadelphia for $425,000.00.

Know What’s Below – Call Before You Dig

In Pennsylvania, the utilities must be notified before any digging is done with earth moving equipment. This includes work done by a homeowner on his or her own property when using powered equipment. Notifying the utilities is done by calling the “Pennsylvania One Call” system. The phone number is 8-1-1. Pennsylvania law requires a person that contacts One Call to wait three business days before digging. During that time the utilities should send a person out to mark any underground electric lines in the area. A list of commonly asked questions about the Pennsylvania One Call system may be found here. When in doubt, dial 8-1-1.

New Jersey has its own One Call system. Anyone planning to dig (excavation, demolition, blasting) on a small or large construction project, whether a professional or a homeowner, should call the NJ One Call Center. New Jersey’s One Call issues a ticket when a person contacts the One Call Center. According to NJ One Call’s website, a regular locate power line request means that the person calling must wait 3 business days for the lines to be marked. After that, the person must begin digging within 10 business days of the call. NJ One Call’s website may be found here. The phone number for NJ One Call is 732-394-3000.

Our firm has handled cases in which workers were injured by unmarked or improperly marked underground utility lines. One case handled by our firm resulted in a $450,000 recovery by a utility worker who suffered an electric shock injury in Philadelphia when he struck an underground electric line that was not properly marked.

If you or a family member have been involved in an electric shock accident or have a family member that has been electrocuted, call Philadelphia’s John Mattiacci today for a free consultation. John and his firm will do everything in their power to pursue your case.