Intersection accidents — referred to as “angle” crashes by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) — involve two vehicles on opposite roads colliding at a meeting point. These types of collisions most often occur at intersections, entrance ramps, and driveways.

In 2017, there were 34,797 angle collisions in Pennsylvania. This works out to 27.2% of all recorded crashes in the state that year, making intersection/angle accidents the second most common type of crash in Pennsylvania. There is an angle collision every 15 minutes in Pennsylvania.

The attorneys of Mattiacci Law have years of experience in handling intersection accidents. Our firm has successfully recovered money for clients in angle crash cases involving:

  • Intersection collisions;
  • Failure of one car to stop at a stop sign;
  • Crashes where one car goes through a red light;
  • On-ramp and off-ramp collisions; and
  • Driveway collisions.

Any type of intersection or angle crash can cause serious injury. Our firm has helped hundreds of victims of this type of accident recover for their losses across Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

How Intersections Accidents Happen

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 96% of intersection accidents are caused by driver error. Of the nearly 6,000,000 crashes studied by the NHTSA in this report, approximately 40% of the accidents were attributable to intersection accidents.

The most frequent mistakes made by drivers before an intersection accident are errors that many drivers make while operating a vehicle. They include:

  • Inadequate surveillance (attention): 44.1%
  • False assumption of other’s action: 8.4%
  • Turned with obstructed view: 7.8%
  • Illegal maneuver: 6.8%
  • Internal distraction: 5.7%
  • Misjudgment of gap or other’s speed: 5.5%

For younger drivers, intersection accidents are most often caused by distracted driving, false assumptions of others’ actions, speeding, aggressive driving, and external distractions.

In Pennsylvania, 38.4% of all accidents occur in intersections. Drivers over the age of 75 are most likely to be involved in intersection accidents, followed by drivers between the ages of 65-74.

Pennsylvania has a number of laws that are designed to prevent these types of accidents. Those rules include driving at a safe rate of speed, observing traffic conditions, maintaining a safe distance from other cars, and obeying traffic lights and signs. When a driver breaks a safety rule a collision can occur — and people can get hurt.

Common Injuries from Philadelphia Intersection Collisions

When two cars collide at an intersection, it is usually a side-impact crash. These types of accidents are often referred to as side angle or “T-bone” crashes. The type of injuries suffered will depend on a number of factors, such as the vehicle type, speed of the collision, angle of the impact, whether airbags deploy, and if seatbelts are used.

Even with safety features in place, intersection collisions have the potential to cause serious or life-threatening injuries. These include:

  • Head injuries
  • Brain trauma
  • Back injury
  • Broken bones
  • Neck injury
  • Facial trauma
  • Internal injuries

In some cases, the injuries suffered in an angle collision can be made worse when the occupants of the vehicle are trapped after an accident. First responders may need to use tools like the “jaws of life” to help remove the driver and passengers from the vehicle. The additional time spent in a car after an accident can increase the risk of serious injury or death.

A Dedicated Team with Proven Results

The legal professionals of Mattiacci Law understand how devastating an intersection collision can be. Our clients often come to us during a difficult time, when they may be unable to work, or their income has been limited due to injury. That’s why our firm handles accidents cases on a contingency fee basis, including angle crashes.

This means that you will not pay any money up front (such as a retainer fee). We only get paid if we recover money in the case — a policy that aligns our interests with yours. We also offer free initial consultations, where you can learn more about your rights and options.

Mattiacci Law has a track record of success. Some examples of recent angle crash cases that we have won for clients include:

  • $395,000 for a collision on North Broad Street in Philadelphia
  • $285,000 for a highway collision
  • $250,000 for a left turn into oncoming traffic
  • $115,000 for a taxi cab collision in Philadelphia

These are just samples of the many recoveries our firm has obtained for injured clients.

Work with a Philadelphia Intersection Collisions Lawyer

If you have been injured in an angle crash, you may be struggling to get your life back on track as you deal with hospital bills, lost wages, and the possibility of future medical expenses. The thought of pursuing a legal claim may be overwhelming. Mattiacci Law can help.

With nearly two decades of experience representing victims of all types of accidents, attorney John Mattiacci understands the law and how best to advocate for his clients. Our firm offers free initial consultations, and we never charge a fee unless we recover money for you. To learn more or to schedule an appointment with a Philadelphia intersection collision attorney, contact our firm today at 855-295-3902 (Philadelphia office) or 855-659-6976 (New Jersey office), or reach out online anytime.