Pennsylvania One Call System – Call Before You Dig

Know What’s Below – Call Before You Dig

What is the “Pennsylvania One Call System”? In Pennsylvania, the utility companies must be notified before any digging is done with earth moving equipment.  This includes work done by a homeowner on his or her own property when using powered equipment. This protects underground utilities from being damaged but also protects people from being shocked or electrocuted.

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Notifying the utilities can be done by calling the Pennsylvania One Call System.  The phone number is 8-1-1.

Pennsylvania law requires a person that contacts One Call to wait three business days before digging.  During that time the utilities should send a person out to mark any underground electric lines in the area.  A list of commonly asked questions about the Pennsylvania One Call system may be found here.  

When in doubt, dial 8-1-1.

Our firm has handled  cases in which workers were injured by unmarked or improperly marked underground utility lines. In one case, our firm recovered $450,000 for a utility worker who suffered an electric shock injury in Philadelphia when he struck an underground electric line that was not properly marked.  

Our firm also handles other electrocution cases, and recovered $1.85 million for a worker electrocuted and killed when he struck an overhead line that had not been powered down prior to construction. Philadelphia construction accident lawyer John Mattiacci also settled a case for $425,000 for a union electrician shocked on a construction site. The case was settled by the defendants during trial in Philadelphia.

If you or a family member have been involved in an electric shock accident or have a family member that has been electrocuted,contact Philadelphia personal injury lawyer John Mattiacci today for a free consultation.  John and the firm will do everything in their power to pursue any case.

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