John Mattiacci Settles Carpenter’s Lead Poisoning Case For $450,000

Philadelphia trial lawyer John Mattiacci recently settled a lead poisoning case on behalf of a union carpenter for $450,000. The plaintiff worked as a union carpenter on the restoration of a historic building. Despite the property owner’s testing for lead, which showed high levels, no lead removal was performed prior to construction. 

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The plaintiff’s job was to restore portions of wood from the station in an off-site workshop. While the wood was being restored, the plaintiff and several co-workers were exposed to high levels of lead in the airborne sawdust and paint. Blood tests confirmed that the exposure.  The plaintiff’s blood lead levels dropped after he was removed from work and treated for lead exposure. 

John Mattiacci brought suit against multiple entities, including the property owner and the construction manager, in addition to the architectural and design team. The defendants agreed to pay $450,000 just prior to trial.

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