Pharmacy’s Filthy Conditions Linked To Meningitis Outbreak

  • October 24, 2012
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Pharmacy That Produced Tainted Steroid Injections Was Filthy

State authorities in Massachusetts inspected the pharmacy that produced the steroid injections linked to a meningitis outbreak across the country. The inspection showed that the pharmacy was filthy and the environment was not sterile.  Inspection reports noted that water from a leaking boiler collected near a sterile room and that floor mats used by technicians were filled with dirt and debris. The authorities also stated that drugs were shipped out before the company even confirmed they were sterile.

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The pharmacy, NECC, produced steroid injection medication that was tainted with a fungal infection. It is believed the tainted injections have caused a widespread outbreak of meningitis.  To date, approximately 308 patients that received the steroid injections have been sickened and 23 have died.  Victims have been reported in 17 states.   

The state of Massachusetts is moving to permanently revoke the pharmacy’s operating licenses and the license of its top three pharmacists.  More information may be found in this article posted by NBC News.

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