Follow Philadelphia’s Snow Removal Law To Avoid A Fine And To Stay Safe

  • January 30, 2014
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With as much snow as we have received this winter, homeowners should know Philadelphia’s snow removal law in order to stay safe and avoid fines. Philadelphia’s snow removal law is Philadelphia Code Section 10-720. This snow removal law requires homeowners and business to promptly remove snow from sidewalks within six (6) hours following a storm. This is done to protect pedestrians and others who may need to walk on the sidewalk or on your property.

The City’s law states within six (6) hours after the snow stops falling, a path no less than 36 inches wide has to be cleared of snow and ice from sidewalks and curb cuts. If the width of your pavement from the property line to the curb is less than three (3) feet the path cleared may be 12 inches in width.

Even if you do remove snow and ice from your property, it is important to remember that you cannot place or pile snow from your property in the street. This interferes with traffic and you can receive a fine. Fines for violating Section 10-720 can range from a minimum of $50 up to $300 for each violation.

Promptly clearing snow and ice not only is the law, but it helps to keep people safe and will help avoid claims and lawsuits. It is wise to shovel and salt your property as soon as possible after the storm, and certainly within six (6) hours after snow stops falling, to keep your property safe.  

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