Comcast Subscribers Should Change Their Passwords after Comcast was Hacked

  • February 11, 2014
  • Blog is reporting that Comcast was hacked last week, potentially exposing subscribers’ personal information. Supposedly, a group named NullCrew FTS hacked at least 24 Comcast mail servers and then publicly posted how to infiltrate Comcast’s servers. 

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While Comcast has denied that subscribers’ personal information was obtained through the incident, technology websites have recommended that Philadelphia Comcast subscribers change their login passwords and ensure that no new users were created on their accounts. Comcast has not even notified subscribers of the breach of security, let alone warn subscribers to change their passwords.

Following on the heels of Target’s massive security breach over the holidays, consumers have to be extra-vigilant that their personal information remains secure in order to prevent identity theft.  

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